3-6 Years Old
  • Class Overview

    Getting a head start in education
  • Primary Learning

    At this time period in a child’s life exploration is at the forefront.  They take in their surrounding through sensorial stimulation with a hands-on approach.  The Montessori Classroom is designed specifically to meet their growing and absorbant minds.  The Montessori Curriculum in the classroom includes the following areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Art, Science, Geography, and Music.

    • Comprehensive introduction to language and math
    • Students get hands on with materials to better teach more advanced concepts
    • Learning to hold pencils, write, and develop fine motor skills
    • Start to develop responsible work ethic
    • Age Group:
      3-6 years old
    • Class Ratio:
      10 - 1
    • Sensorial

      This area is designed to stimulate the visual, olfactory, auditory, and tactile senses. As they grow they will be introduced to activities that coincide with math related concepts such as Geometric shapes and the Binomial and Trinomial cubes.

    • Language

      Montessori Language is an extension of the communication skills they have already acquired. Through conversations and stories they expand their language to a whole new level which sets them up for reading and writing. Pincer grip is an important development which will allow for the child to hold his pencil properly. This is learned through a variety of tools such as pin work. They pick up the curves and lines of each letter as they continue to excel. Eventually, they learn how to read with ease as they listen for the sounds of the letters and become experts at blending them together.

    • Math

      Montessori Math is scientifically designed through didactic lessons. The activities are concrete and have a built in control of error. During this time the child will move on to quantity and association which leads to more complex works like addition and subtration. Each activity has an order of sequence.

    • Science

      All science activities are hands on. This includes areas with plants, food, parts of the body, and other nature based lessons. These can be taught through group or individualized plans.

    • Geography

      Geography is introduced through means of maps, cultures, and their peers. Many of these cultural lessons are taught through songs, pictures, puzzle maps, and parent volunteers.

    • Music and Movement/Art

      Music and Movement allows for freedom of movement in a safe manner. They will begin with activities like walking the line and progress further into running, skipping, galloping, etc. When music is incorporated they distinguish patterns in rhythm and beats with bodily movements.

    • Thank you to all of the teachers for doing such a great job this summer. Nicholas loves summer school and has learned a lot of new things. He always shares with us the exciting things he learned… Thank you for making learn fun! Nicholas has improved in letter recognition and math skills in the short time he has been in your class, just in time for Kindergarten.

      Parents of Nicholas
    • Thank you so much for the work you do in teaching. I have seen how much Dominic has matured socially and intellectually this past year with you… I cannot believe he can write and spell his name well; this is just one of a few things that he has accomplished…

      Parents of Dominic
    • I would like to thank you and your staff for an outstanding job…I have had many struggles and challenges to keep Ashley in Montessori School of Herndon…Every day I see my child’s progress and I know I made the right choice.

      Parents of Ashley
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