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    • Worldwide Use

      The Montessori method is utilized across the globe for its efficacy and results.

    • Accredited Institution

      MSH is recognized and accredited by AMS and the AdvancED institution.

    • Optimal Environment

      Kids learn best in spaces that promote friendly growth, not hyper-competitiveness.

    • Better Scores

      Studies show Montessori education leads to higher test scores later in life.

  • Our Classes

    Our preschool program has three dedicated classes
  • We provide four classes for children between the ages of 12 months and 9 years.

  • Our classes range from Pre-K to Lower-Elementary because it’s never too early to get ahead. Our class sizes are small enough that each student receives the attention they need but big enough that our students can learn and grow together.

    • Pre-Primary
      • 1 - 3
        Year olds
      • 5 - 1
        Class ratio
    • Primary Education
      Class name
      • 3 - 6
        Year olds
      • 10 - 1
        Class ratio
    • Lower Elementary
      • 6 - 9
        Year olds
      • 12 - 1
        Class ratio
  • Thank you and all the teachers for a great school year! Arjun has really enjoyed and learned a lot in the last year. We look forward to another year at MSH.

    — Mother of Arjun
  • Questions and Answers
    Gardening and Outdoor Activitites

    Kids get hands-on with the natural world, learning about plants, how to care for them, and why they are an important part of our ecosystem.

    Writing and Reading Classes

    A strong base of reading and writing sets up our students for long-term success. Students learn to understand and create meaning with language.

    Scientific Investigation Opportunities

    Scientific investigation is a core concept at Montessori of Herndon. Learning through experimentation and experience develops deeper understandings.

  • Class Hours Per Year
    • Practical Life165 Hours
    • Motor Skills125 Hours
    • Language90 Hours
  • The Education We Provide

    How MSH facilitates success.
    • Non-traditional

      Our curriculum strays from the beaten path to engage students at a deeper level by piquing curiosity and building on interests.

    • Comprehensive

      Students are faced with challenges from multiple academic lenses in a comprehensive and encompassing approach.

    • Developmental

      Our goal is to provide avenues for children to gain a developmental edge and prepare them for the rest of their scholastic career.

    • Personalized

      We recognize that every child is different and aim to incorporate their individuality in the classroom to create rich learning experiences.

    • Non-sectarian

      Our curriculum focuses on teaching art and science from a young age to improve long term academic success in today’s world.

    • Experienced

      Montessori of Herndon is one of the oldest and best recognized educational institutions in Northern Virginia.

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    • Proper Handwashing
      Teach kids the five easy steps for handwashing—wet, lather, scrub, rinse and dry—and the key times to wash hands, such as after using the [...]
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      Montessori School of Herndon
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      Phone: 703-437-8229

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      Monday – Friday
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  • Start the learning process right

    Classes for students as young as 12 months.
    • Sensory Learning

      Our students learn through interaction, not lecture. Our activities utilize a variety of learning tools that go beyond the traditional classroom setting.

    • Social Interaction

      For children, socializing is part of the learning process, and an important developmental experience.

    • Learn Everywhere

      Our instruction is aimed at getting students to seek out knowledge outside the classroom and in the real world.

    • Physical Education

      We plan physical activities so that your children can develop gross and fine motor skills, teaching the body and mind.

    • Music Lessons

      Learning from, and about music has innumerable benefits at a young age. We keep students interests piqued and their minds entertained while they learn.

    • Growing Through Play

      “Playing” is the most fundamental aspect of learning. Through directed play our teachers turn fun into learning.

    • Intramural Education

      Students of different ages get the chance to interact and learn from each other in a social, academic setting.

    • Rolling Admissions

      After being offered placement, parents can discuss and decide when to begin enrollment