Potty Training...Dun Dun Duuuuuuun!

July 21, 2016

So, it’s that time of year again.  All of the parents are getting ready to send their littles back to school, or in some cases this is the first time for many. They’re out buying uniforms, lunch boxes, and school supplies.

Then, there are the OTHERS.  You know who you are.  The ones who are desperately trying to get their preschooler potty trained before the new school year begins.  You take your child to the bathroom fifty thousand times a day in hopes that once, just ONCE they’ll actually go this time.  Only for them to pull up their pants, walk into the living room and have an accident all over your brand new carpet.

You went shopping for all of the Princess or Spider Man underwear you could find, but NOTHING works. You threw away just as many, because who wants to clean all that?

Here are a few tips to getting your child on the right track to potty training success!

Start early

I know it sounds crazy, but give them some credit.  They are capable of far more than it seems. Buy a child sized potty. Introduce the two of them and get acquainted.  They’ll be spending a lot of time together over the next few months. Some parents favor the potty ring that fits over the toilet accompanied with a stool for easier seating.

Consistency is key

Make regular trips to the restroom. Don’t get discouraged if they already had an accident.  Go. Keep trying.  Allow them to be independent by undressing on their own before mounting that intimidating potty. This is a major life event for them.  It’s a pretty big deal.


I’m not a huge fan of rewards, but I made an exception with my child in this department.  He loved hot wheels cars and thank goodness those were cheap. Lets face it though, I would have spent every last dime if he would just…use…the…potty. With all of the bribes made, pleading for him to use the potty as opposed to the floor, he had enough cars to cover his entire bedroom floor. Ok, well close enough.
Take a trip to the dollar store for one toy of their choice. What child doesn’t love the dollar store?
So, if we’re perfectly honest here, we all know that potty training is tough. Take these opportunities to bond. I know, I know.  Bonding in the bathroom during their “business” sounds strange, but what else are you going to do?  Talk together, sing their favorite songs, read a book. Whatever it takes to make it a better experience for all of you.
Good luck!
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