Morning Mayhem

May 09, 2018

Mornings can be stressful getting ready for school and work. 

You are tired.
They are tired.
You are hungry.
So are they.
Picture it…
Little Tommy can’t find his shoes because his brother Johnny is wearing them.
Johnny can’t understand why his shoes don’t fit properly, because he is mistakenly wearing Tommy’s shoes that are a half size too small. Now, he is spiraling into a temper tantrum.
Because remember, tired and hungry.
Your husband is answering emails and sipping his coffee while the pancakes burn on the griddle behind you, because you’re trying to help Tommy and Johnny. 

Milk has spilled onto the counter and now you have Nutella fingerprints all over the front of your dress, because baby Susie is crying for her mama and trying to climb you like a tree.
Does this sound familiar?
Hang in their Mom.
Check out a few tips that we have found extremely helpful to propel mornings in the right direction with less madness and mayhem.  Most of which is prepared the night before.
Lunches are best prepared the night before because it can be one of the most time consuming activities of the entire routine.  If you do this at nighttime, it is guaranteed to shave off a good ten minutes of your morning rush.
And mom, if they are old enough to criticize what they find in their lunchbox, they are old enough to make it themselves.
Kiiiiiiiiiiidddddinnnnnng. Sort of.
Lay out the outfits you are all planning to wear the next day.
Make sure all chores are done the night before.  You don’t want to have to climb any unnecessary hurdles throughout the morning.
In the mornings make sure that the TV stays off. If they get preoccupied with a show they aren’t going to easily get moving when you need them to be on the top of their game the most.
Spend the last few minutes before racing out to the car to do something fun like a little game or maybe sing some songs together.  Something that will have you all parting on a good note after the morning rush.

Hopefully this will help you have less mornings with mayhem and more time enjoying your family before the day begins.

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