Apple Season Is Upon Us

October 03, 2019

As you know, living in Virginia awards you with all four seasons and we love Fall. We are fortunate to experience the beauty of the trees as they change color, the crisp mornings, and mild 70’s degrees temperatures in the afternoons. One of the bonuses is how close we are to the mountains and orchards. A short drive west and you can spend an afternoon with the family climbing trees, having a picnic, and picking apples.

Apple pies.

Apple sauce.

Apple tarts.

Apple recipes galore!

Check out our favorite pick-your-own apple orchards here

This is a great opportunity to get your children involved in activities with you at home. You can teach them how to wash and prepare the apples. Believe it or not, they enjoy helping the adults in their life do “adult” things like cooking or mixing up some yummy treats.

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