A Virtual Tour of The Montessori School of Herndon

August 18, 2016

Come in and visit one of the happiest schools in Herndon, Virginia. A place where children are excited to return every morning.

When you first enter the Montessori School of Herndon from Dranesville and Old Hunt Way, you will notice our beautiful landscaping.

But, be careful. Students and Teachers at Play 🙂

The field offers plenty of room for our annual Fun Fair where you’ll see it transformed into a carnival full of rides and games.  Isn’t our PTA the best?

When you take that trip through the parking lot, you will notice our playground where we spend a lot of time running, sliding, and kicking the ball around.

At the top of the hill, is where you can park and enter the office.

Once you make it inside, we will answer any and all of your questions while showing you around the school. You’ll get to meet the teachers and see our students in action. We know how important it is to find a school that fits your child’s needs, and where you can feel comfortable knowing that they are safe and loved.

We take pride in our 32 years of success in educating the youth in Fairfax County.  Our program is ability based and all materials have a built in control of error to encourage self-correction which in turn establishes a true sense of accomplishment.

They will make friends.
They will be challenged.
They will learn new life skills.
They will speak new languages.
They will participate in extracurricular activities.
They will use their imagination for play.
Chess anyone?  Yes, we learn that here too!

So schedule your tour today.  We would love to have your family become a part of ours. Visit www.montessori-va.com and click on the Visit tab, or call us at 703-437-8229

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